Do you want art to set the mood?

Choose soft, muted colors for a calm atmospheres and vibrant, bold colors to create impact!

You will not like all of my art, but most people find a piece that speaks to their heart or purpose. When you find yours, you will say "WOW!" Why settle for just any piece of art, when you can have WOW?

Welcome to the official website of Angel Honey.

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update the website.

A self - taught artist specializing in digital art, I am a creative soul and cannot keep up with all the ideas waiting to be expressed. My definition of art is: "Something beautiful." I find many things beautiful, therefore I see artistic possibilities in so many things such as rainbows, flowers, bird songs, and the pattern in a crochet stitch to name but a few.
How will you use art?

There are many choices.

Art can either be a thing of utmost beauty or ornamentation (a collector's piece), or it can be a simpler piece of art that brings color or texture into the room, making your home cozy and welcoming.

You might choose one of my mugs or mousepads etc. to advertise a product; your business; to share images relevant to your business or just to make your workspace pretty.

When you have your first cup of coffee in the morning or the last one in the evening, do you take a moment to choose the mug? It can evoke a special feeling, helping you charge your attitude for the day or to feel calm at day's end. Find items for home decor here.  

Share your viewpoints and values with friends. But how will you do it? Is it the greeting card you choose? Maybe, it’s the cover of your notebook, or stationary; or even the style of your phone case.

Do come into my gallery and choose your art. Find the piece that lets you imagine or dream.  Bring life to your home or work environment. Show someone you care. RE-IMAGINE YOUR WORLD WITH ART.

Enjoy....... Angel Honey